About Us

Welcome to H-E-L USA!

We are an authorized manufacture and retailer of the full line of HEL performance products. We produce one of the finest, safety, and performance brake lines available on the market today. From custom size lengths to 18 line colors and 5 color banjos. We are sure to have a kit to complement your bike. All line are made in the U.S at our manufacturing facility in north Florida.

h-e-lusaWith a friendly sales staff and a tech support before and after you purchase to help you decide and install your lines for a hassle free experience we are proud of. Unless noted. All kits are shipped daily “Priority” mail so it arrives withing 3 to 4 days of order made. With tracking for your convenience. We are so sure of our lines that we back them up with a life time warranty.

If you are unhappy in any way, with a no question ask return policy. There are many copies and look alike of our lines and others that look good to the untrained eye. But only one is manufacture with a quality that can be named HEL. (Look for the HEL logo tags on each and every line) Don’t settle for second best, install a set of genuine HEL stainless steel brake link kits on your bike and experience the difference only HEL can give for yourself. HEL kits come complete with all stainless steel banjo bolts and copper crush washers needed to remove all the old lines and hardware and replace with all new components for a clean trouble free installation. Please feel free to contact us with any of your brake questions. Or email us, we answer all inquires.