Efficiency & Eco-Friendliness of Scooters

When comparing cars and bikes/scooters, there can be many things which can be considered but one of the most important things is their efficiency, or you can say contribution towards the environment.

Scooters are tinier and could navigate through cramped city streetsCars are the most common means of transport these days, and so, there are millions and billions on the road today. However, scooters or bike accidents are less. Riding a motorcycle or scooter requires a useful skill and one should be more careful while riding because these are on two wheels. Yes, that is true but, if considering the fuel efficiency and environmental alternatives scooters play an essential role in keeping the greenhouse gases low in the atmosphere.

They can go as much as four times than cars while consuming same quantity of fuel. Secondly, the amount of gases produced by these two-wheelers is much low because of their engine capacity and power.

Scooters and motorcycles take less space and hence are less prone to get stuck in traffic. They help in reducing the traffic jams. Also, riding a scooter can be much more fun than a car.

Riding a scooter or a motorcycle is almost an exercise. Riding requires:

  • Controlling weight
  • Weight transfers
  • Concentration on road
  • Movements

.. all this is an exercise. According to a survey, riding is good for health. The rider is not bound or confined within four walls or in a small room.

In the end, it can be said that riding can be much more enjoyable, fun, good for health and a substitute for cars while considering urban and environmental problems.