How to Get Rid of Ants and Flies

It can be a big headache when you have always made sure your place is clean and spotless, and then you suddenly see a pool of ants and termites eating up your books. It can be pretty scary seeing them, because, who does not get grossed out by the sight of these pests?

There are so many things you can try to get rid of pests, including applying chemical solutions, cleaning your home, and putting traps around hot spots. However, these only provide Band-Aid solutions, and these do not truly solve the problem. You should think long-term and find ways to get rid of pests for good. Consider Manhattan pest control services and you might have a sustainable solution for good!

The problem for many households is, first off, they don’t know what pests they are fighting against and why they cause intrusion in the first place. Aside from the common ones like cockroaches, termites, ticks, and rats, many people do not realize that the presence of ants is a sure-fire sign that there is pest infestation going on in the house. Many just put solutions to kill the ants, or they do it the old-fashioned way by smacking them.

As a homeowner, it is crucial for you to know the ways by which you can get rid of the most common pests you come across:

Ants can be annoying pests1. Ants

As mentioned, the presence of ants isn’t just because of the cake you left overnight on the table. It is a sign that there is now a colony somewhere in your home, not just of ants but other pests. Ants do not only invade food particularly sweets and seeds, but also dead insects and dark places like your electronics. There are many cases reported with ants finding their home in laptops, hard drives, and security surveillance cameras.

To avoid them, make sure you keep food inside the fridge. Never leave anything on the table because food can attract these pests. They are also particularly averse to coffee so you may want to sprinkle coffee grounds on holes and potential ant pathways in your home.

2. Flies

Most common in hot and tropical countries, flies can be a pain especially when they won’t leave you alone while you’re eating. Well, flies love food as much as you do! Flies are so small, but they carry a host of diseases and bacteria that can cause digestive and immunological illnesses. Flies thrive in dirty environments, so if you have them around, that means your home or your surroundings need some serious cleaning.

To get rid of flies, make sure you throw garbage every day, and you mop and clean the floor should there be food droppings or spills. Flies love thriving in moist environments, so if you get to throw your trash regularly, you won’t have a problem.

Ants and flies pose damage to your home and your health, so it is crucial for you to control them before they control your life. The key here is always to keep your area spotless so these pests won’t find it appealing to stay in your home. It is easy to sweep the floor, but you must also focus on the small details like the crumbs left on the floor or the vegetables left in the sink. Leaving these little things can make a big difference and can encourage pests to stay in your home.