How Worthy Are Personalized Vitamins?

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It’s time for a severe reality check: It can be super-overwhelming to enter a place such as a vitamin aisle in a drugstore. From bright colored gummies that are closer in taste to candies to giant, chalky pills, there are so many forms and formulations of vitamins that all of them together can make it impossible for you to figure out which one is the best option for you, let alone knowing whether swallowing one will actually bring you any kind of health benefit.

This has been perceived as a wonderful new business opportunity by some companies who are attempting to disrupt this powerful and super-profitable vitamin industry. Their solution – offer more convenient and personalized vitamins that will find appeal with the consumers. You won’t find these super brands sitting on the shelf at a neighborhood drugstore but are likely to pop-up on you while you are busy scrolling your Instagram feed.

Do we need multivitamins in the first place?

Though the research is still very much out on this one, most of the research points toward a negative answer. No evidence has yet been found of the health benefits from a regular intake of vitamin supplements. However, certain other studies have established that vitamins when taken in the right setting by the right people to lead to improved health. This has made a personalized vitamin sound like a good strategy.

What are the benefits of taking personalized vitamins?

While a vitamin supplement would be advisable for almost all people, the vitamins in question and amount of their intake will vary between individuals depending on their health, diet, and lifestyle. Even those on a healthy diet are probably falling short of certain nutrients somewhere, and they are not also aware that such a shortfall is taking place. Therefore, everyone taking the same thing does not provide any kind of solution to start with.

This is where personalized vitamin providers come into the picture. They will ask you specific questions and consider various factors to determine which vitamin and in what quantity should be prescribed to you as a supplement.

Your choice of lifestyle and basic health, as well as your health goals, play a role in determining which vitamins are right for you. Gender is also an important parameter that needs to be taken into consideration. The nutrient needs for women are usually unique across various stages in their lives. They typically require more iron compared to men since a lot of this mineral is lost during their regular menstrual cycles and during pregnancy. They also have greater calcium requirements owing to a faster cell turnover as compared to men.

Probiotic is a helpful supplement that can be obtained from a personalized vitamin pack. They can help women in having better digestion which will absorb key nutrients into the diet. Vitamin D is another nutrient many tend to be deficient in without even realizing this problem. Folate is a must for women trying to conceive and not enough of this can be found in a generic multivitamin drug. Choosing a personalized vitamin will help hook you up with any or all the necessary nutrients based on the kind of shortfall you are experiencing at present.

Natural sources of vitamins

Where do personalized vitamins fall short?

Many health experts are of the opinion that such persona quizzes are no more than a marketing strategy that does not really produce any end-result for the consumer. While it is a great initiative to conduct micronutrient research for offering specific solutions, especially when it comes to addressing women health issues, there is a fear that many of the recommendations will become generalized over time. There is also the possibility that these companies will only recommend those vitamins that will bring them the maximum profits.

There is also the issue surrounding a lack of awareness when it comes to side-effects of certain herbal supplements. Finally, buying supplements based on the recommendations of anyone other than your physician is ill-advised since these too have side effects and risks that need to
be addressed.

Some personalized vitamin companies to be aware of:

There are numerous companies looking to sell personalized vitamins online, and it can be overwhelming to know which ones to work with. Not all of them will make it big; some will simply fall by the roadside and close before you even know it. Here is a look at some of the trusted names in this industry. In addition, you can also check the review of the best personalized vitamin companies on the internet to get hands-on information on the safe vitamin supplements.

• Care/Of:
This company will ask you a series of questions based on your lifestyle habits, health goals, and basic stats, before building a personalized pack of daily vitamins that will address your specific needs.

• Ritual:
Available in a pretty design, these pills aren’t quite personalized. However, it is believed that they contain only those nine nutrients that are most essential for a woman’s wellbeing. They are also vegan and gluten-free while having a peppermint flavor to give it a millennial-friendly touch.

MBSF, short for Mind-Body-Soul-Freedom is not only a place where you can buy personalized vitamins, but they will give you a lot of valuable information on which products are best suited to your daily needs. If you want any other information on what is trending in the health & wellness industry, this is the place to be.

• Goop Wellness:
Backed by star Gwyneth Paltrow, this wellness site offers supplement and vitamin protocols for the four major health issues prevalent in most modern women. Carefully sourced and tested ingredients are used for preparing their range of products.

• VitaMe:
This site will make you take a health quiz to collect data on your lifestyles, health goals, and diet, before cross-checking with scientific information to recommend an optimal plan of nutrition. The vitamins will be delivered every month right at your doorstep.

Most people exhibit alarming levels of ignorance while purchasing multivitamin supplements. The personalized vitamin supplement companies provide them with a better alternative by targeting specific vitamins in the right quantity that meet their nutrition needs. A few weeks into the use of these products, you will experience the difference and be glad that you chose to make the switch.