Is Google AdWords Still Relevant?

There used to be a time where Google AdWords dominated the online marketing world. Before the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube ads, Google AdWords was the go-to for businesses to market their brands online. But with so many online advertising options to choose from, is Google AdWords still relevant?

Let us see below Google AdWords’ strengths as to why it clicked with many companies:

1. Google AdWords has a wide range of coverage

Since Google is the largest and most popular search engine, the phenomenal reach cannot be compared with any other search website like Yahoo and Bing. Almost everyone uses Google Chrome to surf the interGoogle Adwords can propel online marketing onlinenet, and that can be attributed to its ease of use and clean interface.

With Google having the widest reach online, it is no surprise as to why Google AdWords can also reach a large audience. So, although this type of ad is more expensive compared to social media ads, companies still consider going with them because of the audience reach.

2. Google AdWords gives you total control of your ad

Google AdWords is highly customizable, allowing you to have full control of your ad. A Premier Buffalo SEO Services can help you edit your listing, and power as to who your target audiences are. So, if your business is operating in Buffalo, New York, you can allow your ad to reach residents living in this area. You can further narrow down your audience according to gender, age, or profession, depending on who your primary clients are.

Not only are the ads customizable, but also, the budget, as well. Payment can be budgeted by the company where payment can be made on a daily basis, whichever fits the business’ operational style. If on one month the budget is tight, the company can choose to narrow down the audience reach. And then on another month, when there is a more generous budget allocation, the company can decide to increase their reach. It is an excellent way for businesses to manage their expenses, allowing even startups to market their brands online

3. Google AdWords gives a seamless experience to consumers

Unlike social media ads, Google AdWords is free of clutter. The experience is seamless for the consumer compared to viewing ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Many companies prefer their brands marketed this way since less clutter means more focus on the advertisement.

It is the reason why companies using Google AdWords are from a wide range of industries, from finance, construction, travel, to retail, among others. It is because advertising with Google seems more formal than doing it on social media channels. So, companies are willing to pay a premium to market their brands on Google than merely doing it on social media.

So, to answer the question: “Is Google AdWords still relevant?” The answer is, yes. Although Google has met a lot of competition from other search engines and social media sites, its reach is still the widest among all other platforms. Therefore, if you advertise with them, you also get to enjoy this broad scope. Google AdWords remains relevant amidst competition and the changing online game.