Qualities of Good Music Teachers

It takes time and a lot of effort to learn a musical instrument. Learning it is not something that you can easily download from an app, or pay someone to do the learning for you. You have to give out your best shot to learn an instrument. You must be willing to invest time, energy, and resources to be able to play the songs that you’ve wanted to play.

Music teacher with hands-on guidanceIt is true that memorable teachers are hard to find. It may be because of the lack of governing body that regulates the trade on how to become a singer. Therefore, any amateur or professional singer can set up their music schools. An amateur singer who has no formal music training may turn out to be the best teacher; while a professional singer who has invested years of music teaching training may turn out to be one of the worst teachers. You can never tell how and why some teachers are better than others, and no amount of degree can answer for that.

If you have been looking for a music teacher, let’s say for piano lessons, for sure you would want to get the best value for money and the best training. You search online for the best options, but it proves to be a challenge to look for a teacher. Because good teachers are hard to find, you must first look for red flags to avoid so you can prevent from hiring bad teachers at all costs.

Most teachers offer trial lessons so you would know if he/she is a perfect fit for your goals. To best gauge if a teacher is right for you, sign up for the trial lesson. You can determine right away from the trial lesson whether this teacher is a good or bad one.

One red flag is the over-advertisement of self. If the teacher takes 30 minutes of your lesson introducing himself/herself and presenting his/her achievements, then you must take this as a warning sign. Excellent teachers do not need to advertise themselves to prove that they are skilled. All they have to do is to show that they are outstanding teachers through their methods.

Another red flag is when the teacher does not listen to you. If all he/she does is to proceed with the lesson without asking if you can still get by, then you must take this as a warning sign. Good teachers work with their students for the progress of their learning journey. If the teacher thinks that he/she is the only one who is right, then he/she does not mind if you are truly learning the lesson or not. It is crucial for teachers to know the abilities of their students, so they craft a curriculum that can make the learning journey fun and motivational for the student.

Now that we’ve mentioned the red flags that you must avoid, what are the qualities of good music teachers? You must look for these when searching for a music teacher:

Voice training is a collaborative endeavor1. Collaboration

Good music teachers collaborate with their students. Therefore, they know the progress of the student and are willing to bend the lesson to accommodate the student’s needs. They put the focal point on the student because they want him/her to stay motivated despite the challenges of learning music. A music teacher who is more than happy to collaborate with you is always a good sign.

2. Open-mindedness

Good music teachers listen to their students and are willing to get out of their comfort zones to try different methods. As a teacher, you must be ready to be flexible with the needs of the times and the uniqueness of each student. Therefore, open-mindedness is crucial if you want your student to grow as a musician.

You must look for these traits when looking for a music teacher. It may not be easy to look for one, but take your time in sifting through the many options. Sign up for trial lessons, so you get the “feel” if the teacher’s method works for you. And most of all, enjoy your music learning journey.