Risks When Riding a Motorcycle

Every person that owns a motorcycle is probably aware of all the dangers that come along with it. But, some people may not know the actual statistics of injuries and deaths.

Responsible riding of motorcycle to prevent reckless accidentsMotorcycle Statistics

It is a necessity to wear a helmet on a motorcycle, but even though some motorcycle riders wear helmets that does not necessarily mean he or she can get in an accident and walk away without any injuries. Motorcycle statistics have not been updated in a few years, but there are some interesting statistics on riding motorcycles.

  • Since 1997, there has been an 89% increase in motorcycle fatalities. This is simply because more people are purchasing motorcycles. Obviously, with more motorcycles on the road, there are more chances for accidents.
  • Drivers between the ages of 20-29 are targeted for the largest percentage involved in fatal motorcycle crashes. For the most part, these accidents can put the blame on speeding. So many young people are less experienced, and when that is put together with speed it does not create a nice ending.
  • Although the percentage rate has dropped in the last ten years, the largest percentage of motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes have been over the legal limit of alcohol. It is dangerous enough driving a car with more than a .08 blood alcohol content, so why would it not be more dangerous on a motorcycle?
  • 72% of motorcycle drivers in the age range of 40-49 have been alcohol-related.
  • 70% of all motorcycle fatalities have occurred on highways that are undivided. Always make sure to polish up motorcycle skills before driving on any road, especially highways!

Lessen the Chance of Motorcycle Injuries

Even though motorcycles are dangerous, there are a few ways that injuries can be prevented. The obvious way is to drive safely and watch out for other vehicles.

  • A motorcycle safety course is always a good preventative for accidents and injuries. All states require a driver to have a motorcycle license, especially if it is the person’s primary vehicle. However, Texas does not require a driver over the age of twenty-one to wear a helmet if they have taken a safety course.
  • Wear the correct attire. Always wear jeans and comfortable shoes with a helmet. On top of that, it is a great idea to wear a riding jacket. If an accident occurs, the jacket will protect the arms from road rash, and the jeans will protect the legs.
  • When wearing a helmet, be sure there is a safe and stable face shield. Many motorcycle drivers wear goggles or protective sunglasses, but others have face shields.
  • It is very common for other cars not to see the motorcycles around them, so always be courteous to other drivers and pay attention!

Again, just because a helmet is worn on a motorcycle does not mean injuries will not occur. Always take every kind of precaution while riding a motorcycle, and remember the popular saying: Support life and put a helmet on!