Steps to Finalize the Wedding Band for Your Special Day

Music is very important in giving the weddings the special ambiance and feeling you want for your wedding. It not only adds to the mood of celebration but also in getting engaged in celebrating with an open mind reducing the stress levels. But selecting a wedding band is surely a hectic task as every band comes with a different way of performing.

Make your wedding stand outSome of the band helps you in enhancing the wedding celebrations, while some may not be able to carry out the cherished well. Some are good at playing every kind of song demanded, while some may come up with a limited number of playlists.

So, thinking of how to get to the right wedding band? Here are some secret tips from New York City’s Around Town Entertainment that would get you the right band at the wedding.

Plan The Budget

Before stepping out to look for a wedding band, it is important to know the amount you are willing to keep aside for spending on the band. Again, there are various wedding bands available in the market to select from who costs different charges.

Also, multiple factors affect the cost of the band costs which need to be considered while selecting any band. So, consider every aspect well and determine a specific amount of budget for the wedding band before looking for a band.

Check For What Band Has to Offer

Wedding bands are now not only limited with music alone. They have increased their performance levels by adding various elements to their services. Some bands include activities like LED lights, custom choreography, spotlights, custom wardrobes, musical vignettes, video mapping, and much more.

Adding all these would not only make your celebrations livelier but would also provide the guests with a theoretical experience. So, while selecting the bands, make a note of the facilities the band provides with. This also aids in making destination weddings more adorable with themed music, costumes, styles, and locations too.

Prepare a List of Selective Bands

The best way to look for different bands is through online search. Nearly all the wedding bands now have a social presence through websites, Facebook pages, etc. The websites or pages not only help with essential details but also bring along demos and video performances.

Check out at least two of the performances and make a shortlist of the bands that meet the requirement list. Again, make sure an email is dropped to them to know their availability on the dates and locations. Some of the websites also provide with inquiry forms. Fill them up and wait for their responses to add them in the list.

Wait for the Quotes

Once the inquiry emails are sent, it is now time to wait for the responses. Again, selecting a band from the responses would be slightly difficult. But with New York City’s Around Town Entertainment, all your worries are over.

Some of the companies would provide instant responses, while some would take a day or two for replying. But with Around Town Entertainment, all the valid responses are well considered. The company goes through all the responses and bifurcates the best ones that meet up all the requirements and budget.

Finalize the Bookings

Done with the grouping of valid wedding bands? The next step is finalizing one and making the reservations. Go through all the listed quotations, consider the quality of performance they give out, and the price they have quoted. If required, go through their performances again and finalize the band. Ask if the band requires any pre-payment or advance amount.

Know the mode of payment they are comfortable with. Also, while making the bookings, understand the cancellation terms and conditions and all the deductible charges, etc. Prepare any legal contracts and go through the terms levied in the deal. Finalize the deal and check the dates and other details well before signing and making the payments.

Wedding band serenades the receptionDiscuss their Break and Meal Timings

Wedding bands generally work on a rotational basis. The band players keep on shifting on regular periods which helps them in resting and preparing for the next set of musical notes. Make required arrangements for their meals and drinks in the mid when they are on their break.

Again, the meal options should also be discussed with both the bands and the vendors too to make proper and on time arrangements. The caterers should also know about the servings to avoid any kind of additional bills at the end. Discuss with the band if any ingredient should be avoided in their meals to help them in performing in the best way.

Complete the Final Reservations

Made the payments? Signed the contracts? Time to make the required arrangements now. Prepare the place where the band would be performing from. Ask them the area they would require, the systems they would need, food arrangements, etc.

Discuss the playlist, the number of songs, the timings of particular songs, etc. This would help in playing the right track on time. Again, also provide the band specific space to perform their song list too as they are experienced in the field. Trust them with their selection and let the music flow. If required, ask them for a demo on the previous day to make any additions or changes possible.

Time to Enjoy

Once the band is selected, and its time to sit and enjoy the wedding. All the arrangements and selections are done and will be looked after the band. Get back to enjoying your wedding day or night and let your selected wedding band mesmerize everyone to get grooving. A well-experienced band will surely know how to create the magic to make your wedding a memorable event.